Goodness is the only investment pattern never fails
Corporate Social Responsibility

We at Swadesh Group understand our responsibility towards society and contribute towards socio-economic growth. As a step in this direction we have initiated and contributed in various social activities. Charity begins at Home and this has led us to provide basic essential needs to the workers working with us in all our projects.

Mukti Dham

Mukti Dham is created and working on the vision that is – “We should give some percentage of our income in such works which can be useful for humanity. We came empty handed and only to go empty handed, do something that would be useful for anyone.”


The nation wide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic left a large section of our society including our on-site labour in a vulnerable state. Swadesh group recognise their contribution to our organization and to the real estate sector and are committed to help them in these difficult times.

We are ensuring that basic essentials like staples & vegetables are made available to them on a daily basis so that none of them has to leave the city and undertake travel risk.